The 3 Best Android Emulators for PC/Mac

Nox Android Emulator For PC

Whether you are a gamer looking to elevate your gaming experience by gaining more speed for maneuvering challenges and a larger screen or a developer aiming to test your designs, android emulators are a critical addition to your accouterments.

With the ability to run mobile apps on pc and access apps from the google play store, you can enjoy great android experiences on pc and mac without compromising your mobile’s battery life. Given the popularity android emulators have recently amassed, many players have sprouted in the race for best PC Android emulators.

This guide looks at the perks of the top three Android emulators for PC windows and mac, thus helping you make a worthwhile decision.


BlueStacks ranks among the most popular android emulators for all platforms and the pioneer emulators. With its latest version based on android 7.1.2, BlueStacks offers an authentic android experience, which few of its counterparts can rival.

While many emulators are designed for the hardcore gamer, BlueStacks offers the best of the gaming and apps arena, thus ideal for designers of both android games and apps. Even better, this emulator features its app store, which provides apps optimized for the platform.

What makes this the best android emulator for designers is the ability to support standalone APK files, thus allowing for the use of apps outside the play store. The setup also features the essential android user apps, thus saving time and cost associated with installing the apps from scratch.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Allows for keyboard use and gestures
  • Available for all operating systems
  • Provides for the installation of apps outside the play store


  • It May run slow depending on your computer’s hardware capabilities.
  • The free version includes ads that require an investment in the premium package to do away with.
  • It uses a lot of CPU and RAM.


Nox Android Emulator For PC

While it is hailed to be an ideal emulator for PC and Mac for gamers, Nox proves excellent for other apps both from and outside the play store. Unlike most market options, Nox is frequently updated, thus handling various bugs and incorporating features required to rip the most from trending apps.

Even better, Nox offers a stable environment to run large applications that run slow on android devices, thus allowing you to enjoy your favorite games free of lagging. However, what stands out with the Nox emulator is the ability to configure CPU and Ram usage settings, thus allowing you to control the performance of your pc as per the requirement of various apps.

The Nox emulator is also easy to root, thus testing multiple applications and widening your experience on the android platform. Additionally, Nox allows for screen recording; therefore, it is an ideal addition for reviewing apps and games or offering how-to guides for items on the android platform.


  • Fast
  • Easy to use and root
  • Allows for screen recording
  • Regularly updated
  • Works without crashing
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Provides for the installation of apps off of the play store
  • Provides for the use of multiple controllers


  • Based on android 5
  • It uses a colossal size of computer resources.


While not all new products manage to challenge their established counterparts, Memu is a rare example that has earned respect among users and ranked among the best Android emulators for PC and Mac.

Featuring a performance equaling the latter and the former, Memu proves ideal for gamers. This proves the best emulator for various devices with the ability to support both AMD and Nvidia chips.

Even better, installing apps outside the play store is as easy as dragging and dropping them on the Memu play window. Memu also allows for crucial mapping, thus offers an experience few Mac and PC counterparts can rival.

You can read more about how to uninstall Memu on this blog.


  • Based on android 7.1
  • Supports different chips. (To receive the most from your pc, ensure to enable virtualization for your CPU).


  • Poor graphic performance on some PC’s

Benefits of using an android emulator for PC 

While emulators are often sold as efficient options for mobile games’ projection to bigger screens, there are many benefits ripped from emulators. Among these benefits include playing games without lagging as computers have a larger ram and space than mobile gadgets.

Also, computers have a longer battery life than mobile devices, thus save your mobile battery and extend its life. It is also crucial to note that most android emulators for mac and pc allow for split-screen use, allowing for multiple apps at a go.


If you are fond of social media, you know the hassle of copying your graphic designs and edited photos to upload them to the gram. With an android emulator, you can access images straight from your pc and upload them to the internet, thus saving time.

Even better, you can test android games on bigger screens, thus gaining both quality experience and advantage in maneuvering various challenges with the aid of a mouse and a keyboard.